Birra Tular
Beer 100% made in umbria - Italia

The new borders of the Umbrian beer

TULAR Craft Beer is the newest in a line of extraordinary Goretti products. It is, yet another, expression of the love this family has for their land…and the desire they have to enhance the traditional product offerings of Umbria.
TULAR Beer is the result of the professionalism, enthusiasm and passion of the Goretti Family that, this time, pushes beyond the “wine borders” into a new frontier. The name “TULAR” comes from the ancient name of the Etruscan civilization and means "boundary”.
Every bottle combines the perfect combination of old recipes and cutting-edge techniques. Every sip tells a new story from the hidden secret of a taste with the perfect balance of tradition and innovative techniques, in addictions to emotions "without borders".

birra 100% made in umbria - Italia


Birra Tular Chiara


Light craft beer brewed with 100% barley malt. Fermented in bottle, unfiltered and unpasteurized.On the palate fresh, slightly fruity, full-body, pleasantly bitter, well balanced and persistent. Dense, creamy and adherent.


Size available: 50cl

Alcohol levels: 5,2% vol

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Birra Tular Rossa


Craft Amber ale malt produced with 100% barley malt. Fermented in bottle, unfiltered and unpasteurized. Intense flavour, dry, pleasantly bitter with a caramel aftertaste. Compact, creamy and adherent.


Size available: 50cl

Alcohol levels: 5,9% vol

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Birra Tularand all of our products can be purchased directly at the winery shop Enoteca della Cantina Goretti, Str. del Pino 4, Pila, PG
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